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Beat riding is the ultimate feel-good cycling experience. From London to NY to LA, this style of riding is taking the cycling world by storm. Put simply, you ride to the rhythm of different beats working everything from head to toe. From press-ups to steep hill climbs to jumps this class literally has something for everyone.

Beat Ride

With the Signature Ride – it’s over to you. You get to choose not only the duration and intensity of the lesson but you can also select your favorite instructor. If you’re a fan of the technical side of riding – Jochem’s your man, maybe you like Evert’s intense motivation (and terrible jokes) or if you’re looking for some feel-good vibes it’s over to Floor. Whichever you choose you’ll see your fitness, strength, and stamina soar.

Signature Ride

Our Scenic Rides are surprise surprise….all about the scenery. But not just any scenery. Our team have travelled to some of the most beautiful and dramatic cycling routes across the globe to bring you the most magnificent vistas.

Scenic Ride

Our Yoga sessions are designed specifically for CycleMasters and suitable for everyone. Use all your muscles, work on your breathing and create flexibility in your entire body. Boost your recovery and create a balance between activity and relaxation.


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Beat Ride

Our Beat Ride lessons are developed by master instructor Melissa Power (UK) who has been instrumental in the London beat ride scene and has choreographed classes for many of London’s top studios. Her class design ensures that you’ll be permanently in a fat-burning zone whilst also sculpting your upper body and strengthening your lower body. Our state of the art studio means you’ll feel like you’re actually there with our fantastic instructors.

If you’re a beginner you can keep the resistance low and as you progress you can turn the dial-up. The more resistance – the harder it gets to stay on the beat! The best thing about beat ride is the music, the lights, and the journey means you forget you’re exercising!

Signature Ride

Signature Rides are available both live and on-demand and suitable for riders of every ability. New lessons are added regularly, and the level of intensity is displayed for each lesson so you know exactly what to expect. 

I love these workouts

I’ve Done these classes at 24hr for years, since the gyms are currently closed I am doing them at home. I love these workouts, especially Padraig! He keeps me motivated in the early mornings!

I find it AWESOME

I use this program at the gym and I find it AWESOME, very challenging, good instructors that give you heaps of motivations and beautiful scenery so you are never bored

Super easy way to do a workout

Super easy way to do a workout, the trainers are enthousiast.

lots of choices

I decided to buy my own spin bike and look for a spin app as I was initially interested in the Peloton system but this was far too expensive. I signed up for CycleMasters and have been using it ever…

Great app

I have been spinning for nearly 20 years now and have done classes all over the world. I have also tried various apps such as Sufferfest, Les Mills and Peloton. I prefer cycle masters to any of these. I like…

CycleMasters Took Fitness to Next Level

CycleMasters workouts have been changing my life for the past two years. I’ve gained so much fitness and lost about 30 pounds and I am able to do 8-mile hikes in the mountains again not to mention 90-minute cycles… It’s…

Scenic Ride

You’ll be supervised along the routes by our expert instructors and you’ll increase strength, stamina, and FTP all whilst being distracted by some epic views. Only got time for a 20-minute ride? Not a problem. Want to go for a mammoth 90-minute session? Not a problem. We’ve created classes to fit in with your schedule. Plus you can choose the instructor, intensity, and the route and not have to worry about where you’ll stop off for a bathroom break!


The Yoga classes are designed to bring relaxation to your body and mind. Prevent tension in your muscles by following a Yoga session after your cycling workout or follow a single session to relax. The classes consist of a combination of Hatha and Flow Yoga. Both forms of Yoga are accessible to all ages and levels.

Yoga CycleMasters

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