Our Partner program

Do you sell spinning bikes, are you an influencer, do you have a relevant blog or a large network in the sports world and would you like to become a partner of CycleMasters? On the basis of a selection, we select partners whose style, image, and objective we think fit our organization.

Indoor Cycling App CycleMasters

About us

12 years ago, CycleMasters, then still ClubVirtual, started producing virtual indoor cycling classes for the commercial market. We have become an expert in the field of indoor cycling videos and our videos can still be seen at more than 2400 fitness clubs worldwide. You’ll find our videos at clubs like Basic-Fit, Fit for Free, and Anytime Fitness. Since 2015, we also have our own online platform which makes us accessible to consumers at home. With the addition of new categories, CycleMasters is preparing for the future in 2020, a total cycling platform where high-energy workouts, professionalism, and expertise are combined into a complete experience.

What does a collaboration entail?

We work together with relevant partners with the aim of benefiting each other. As a partner of CycleMasters®, you enter into a partnership with the aim of benefiting each other in the sale of memberships of CycleMasters®. By offering a month of free workouts to your customer, you can introduce the customer to CycleMasters® in an accessible way. Because there is an interesting revenue model attached to it, we assume that, as a partner, you will actively work to attract as many customers as possible. We are in regular contact with our partners to evaluate and see how we can further develop or optimize collaboration.

Revenue model

As a CycleMasters® partner, you will receive 20% commission per month on each membership you attract. The commission is calculated based on the membership fee excl. VAT and the commission will continue as long as the membership is active. The commission can be invoiced quarterly by the partner to CycleMasters®

The system FirstPromoter allows the partner to view all memberships at any time.

In order to get an idea of what this can yield you in net terms, you can use the calculation tool below.

Want to become a partner?

  • You can offer your customers one month of free sports at CycleMasters. After this free trial period, the customer is not obliged to anything. After the free trial period, the customer can choose to become a member. 
  • As a partner, you give your customer a unique code. When a membership is concluded with this code, you will receive a commission as a partner. This fee is monthly and continues as long as the membership is active.
  • As an partner, you will receive a login for the system so that you can view all memberships of your customers at any time.


  • Go to the website of FirstPromoter via this link and enter your data there.
  • After we have received and approved the application, you will receive a unique code that you can use in your communications. 
  • The partnership begins! All memberships concluded with your code from now on will automatically earn you a commission.
  • Once every quarter, we indicate the amount that can be invoiced, then we pay the commission.

    Please find the terms and conditions here.


After entering your details, we will contact you to see if a collaboration could be valuable to both parties.