Choose the right Indoor cycling app

Once you’ve decided to go follow Indoor Cycling classes at home all you need is an Indoor Cycling bike, some decent shoes and a little determination. But let’s be honest, cycling by yourself can be difficult, boring and demotivating without anything to help you and that’s where playlists or Indoor Cycling apps come in. There are lots of options out there, here’s a few to get you started.

Indoor Cycling app

Activity trackers

If you’re data-driven and self-motivated then training with an activity tracker or smartwatch may be enough for you. Calories burned, live HR BPM and distance traveled are all displayed on most decent activity trackers. Pop on your favorite playlist and you’re good to go. If you’re using a specific cycling app, such as Strava you can keep track of your data enabling you to see long term progress and compete against your cycling buddies. Many members of CycleMasters use this app. You can download the Strava app here.

Coach by Color

You can also choose to use an app that works mainly based on data. You combine these apps with measuring your own heart rate or wattage and adjust your workout accordingly. There are a number of apps available on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. Both BodyBike and ICG have an app that coaches by color. This requires an Indoor Cycling bike that is compatible with the app.

Static but clear

Just want to know what to do, without fancy layouts or beautiful images? There are apps for that as well. Exercise Bike Workout is a simple app that tells you which exercise to do and for how long by means of stages and a countdown timer. With this app, too, the motivation has to come from you and music, and the fitness club feeling is something you’ll have to imagine. These kinds of apps are often more focused on the original type of Indoor Cycling. We explain the difference between several types of indoor cycling and Indoor Cycling here.

Indoor cycling app: An experience on the bike

Then there are the apps that create more of an experience during your workout. These are apps that, for example, use a video of a route, highlighting the different exercises. In addition, there are apps that make use of an instructor who is prominently in the picture and who you follow during the class. This extends the experience of the fitness club to working out at home. The CycleMasters app combines these two forms and offers different categories of Indoor Cycling classes. Where other apps often make a choice in the type of class or display, CycleMasters combines routes with a trainer into Scenic Rides and you can create a studio feel by doing workouts in the Signature Rides and Beat Rides categories. In addition, you can also combine your Indoor Cycling workouts with great yoga sessions and total body and core workouts from our strength program.

Indoor Cycling or cycling indoor?

Every now and then we are also asked about apps like Rouvy or Zwift. These apps are not so much Indoor Cycling or Indoor Cycling apps, but focus more on additional training for cyclists who want to exercise indoors on, for instance, their Tacx. Are you looking for real Indoor Cycling or indoor cycling workouts where you are coached by a trainer? Then apps like this are less suitable.

Try our Indoor Cycling app 7 days for free and experience what it is like to follow our Indoor Cycling, yoga and strength workouts!

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