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Would you like to be present as a participant at one of our recording moments? Reserve a bike in our studio and experience a top workout by one of our instructors. Please note, there are only a limited number of bikes available.

Beat Ride

Beat Ride is the newest form of Indoor Cycling and is now available on CycleMasters. With this trendy type of Indoor Cycling, you will be moving the whole lesson on the same beat. Dancing and cycling are effectively combined here. 

These unique studio lessons come from England and are developed by instructor and choreographer Melissa Power (UK). Melissa is also involved in the development of the lessons for CycleMasters. The Beat Ride lessons are recorded in our own studio and will give you the feeling and vibe of the studio. You swing to the beat of the music, you move in and out of the seat and do other exercises as well. For example, press-ups, push-backs, shoulder taps, and jumps. So it’s a complete body workout!

Cycling instructor Melissa Power
Cycling instructor Evert van der Zee


With the Signature lessons, you can choose your favorite way of exercising. Do you go for the authentic drill instructor Evert, for the technical lessons with Jochem, or for the cheerful motivating lessons of Floor? Choose from the different instructors and follow the lessons at any location and when it is convenient for you. With light effects and nice beats from our own studio, you get enchanted, and you choose the duration and intensity of each lesson.

The Signature Rides are studio classes that you can take both live and on-demand. These lessons will improve your fitness, strength, and stamina. New lessons are added regularly, and the level is indicated for each lesson.

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Choose one of the recording moments below and register! Be quick, there are only a limited number of available places (bikes) in the studio per recording moment. You will receive a confirmation and all additional information by e-mail.


During the recordings in our studio we adhere to the RIVM guidelines. This means that we keep a distance of 1.5 metres between us, provide disinfection gel and paper towels, and clean the studio, bike and used materials after each workout. Unfortunately it is not possible to use the changing room and the shower. So changing and showering will have to take place at home. If you suffer from nasal colds, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, coughing and/or fever, we ask you to stay at home. We ask you to bring your own water bottle and towel.


Our Studio is located between Rotterdam and The Hague. Use the interactive map below to plan a route to our office & studio.