Schwinn 800IC Indoor Cycle

The Schwinn 800IC Indoor Cycling bike has everything you are looking for in an Indoor Cycling bike! Sturdy, silent and suitable for following our online workouts.

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Everything you want in an Indoor Cycling bike

Are you looking for a good Indoor Cycling bike, with which you can get even more out of your indoor cycling workouts? With the Schwinn 800IC (formerly IC8), you have everything you want in an Indoor Cycling bike. A professional smart bike, specially developed for home use.

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Flywheel of the Schwinn 800IC
Durable and silent
Close up of SPD pedals of the Schwinn 800IC
Sturdy and Robust
Close up SPD pedals of the Schwinn 800IC
Smart Bike with Bluetooth
Spinning fiets
Tablet Holder

Review by Simone

Mother of 2 kids

‘This smart bike has levels from 0 to 100. It allows you to keep challenging yourself by increasing the level of resistance. In that way, you bring out the maximum in yourself! You can do many things with the Schwinn 800IC. The display shows important information, you can make a connection via Bluetooth and the bike is quiet. Ideal, as I live in a block of flats! The price-quality ratio is excellent. Otherwise, you spend your money at the gym every month: now you have your own bike at home for years.’

Portret of Simone with her child

Review by Jan Willem

Enthusiastic Cyclist

‘In our search for an Indoor Cycling bike, I noticed that the Schwinn 800IC was recommended by CycleMasters. As I am very satisfied with the workouts, I ordered the bike. The bike is highly recommended! It is a fine, solid bike. Effortless to set up and also quiet in use!’

Close up of member Jan Willem in the garden

Review by Marlon


‘I used to cycle on different Indoor Cycling bikes in the gym. When I decided to buy my own bike, there was no question. It would be a Schwinn. I have not regretted it for a moment! The Schwinn 800IC is easy to set up and very stable. The resistance is simple and with small steps, so never too much. The bike has a handy holder for your tablet (or phone) and a double water bottle holder. It is therefore more than worth the investment.’

User review of Marlon

Everything you need to know

Frequently asked questions

In the summer of 2021, Schwinn decided to change the name of some of their bikes. The Schwinn IC8 is now called the Schwinn 800IC. Nothing except the name has changed, so the models are identical.

On the screen you can see the time, distance, calories, speed, RPM and heart rate. Heart rate is displayed only if you have a Bluetooth heart rate monitor paired. The bike can also be paired with compatible apps via Bluetooth, which can then read the wattage.

A magnetic resistance is used. The advantage of this is that no wear and tear can occur as it does with a felt brake. The flywheel is equipped with six electromagnets with 100 different resistances. The maximum load is no less than 1000W at 100 RPM.

The drive of this bike is by means of a V-belt. There are also bikes that use a chain. A chain drive needs to be oiled regularly and makes more noise during use. A v-belt makes less noise and is maintenance free, but is often slightly more expensive than the chain drive.

This bike has Dual SPD pedals. This means that on one side, there is an SPD option. This is a common type for spinning bikes and mountain bikes. (Not to be confused with SPD-SL, these are often used on racing bikes but do not fit this bike). The other side of the pedal is flat and has straps so you can use regular (sports) shoes.

On average, the flywheel weighs 15 kg or more. The weight of the flywheel determines how stable the bike is. A heavier flywheel keeps the bike stable during exercise. The flywheel of the 800IC weighs 18 kilograms and thus ensures that this bike is very stable.

Most spinning bikes have a fixed drive mechanism. This is also the case with the 800IC. That is, the pedals keep turning until you have stopped completely. With a freewheel system, you can therefore keep your legs still while cycling (as with a normal bicycle).

Currently, the bike is only available via CycleMasters in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The bike comes in a box, and you will need to assemble it yourself. This is not a complicated process and should take no more than 20-30 minutes. The actions to be done are:

* Attaching legs to the frame
* Attaching pedals
* Attaching handlebars to the stem and saddle to the seat post
* Placing the saddle and handlebar
* Mounting the bottle cage and tablet mount

The bike comes with a clear manual, so you can easily do this yourself.

Schwinn 800IC Indoor Cycle

Why this is the bike for you

Very silent

By using a magnetic resistance system and a V-Belt, the bike is extremely silent in use. Ideal for at home, when you want to exercise in peace or don’t want to disturb your housemates.

V-belt drive

The bike has a V-belt. This system is specially designed so that you can barely hear the bicycle while you are riding. In addition, with an Indoor Cycling bike with a V-belt, you opt for little to no maintenance.


You determine the resistance via the resistance button on the Indoor Cycling bike. Because it works with a magnetic resistance, there is no wear and tear. The bike has 100 resistance levels to help you get the most out of your workout.


By placing a tablet in the tablet holder, you will have the best CycleMasters experience! This way, you don’t have to motivate yourself, but you can choose your favourite trainer and type of workout, and you will be coached at your own level.


Do you like to train with data and do you prefer to track your progress with each training? Then use the LCD screen and collect your own data such as time, distance, calories, speed and RPM.


Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, this Indoor Cycling bike is a true smart bike. Connect your heart rate monitor or link your devices and get even more out of your workouts with data.

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