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CycleMasters takes indoor cycling to another level. Diverse music, HITT training sessions alternated with 45 minutes of fat burning lessons and one and a half hour, XL endurance workouts. Once our instructors get on the spinning bike, you can't help but follow them in their energy.

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Our philosophy, when making online cycling classes, is that working out should be an experience. We make lessons and programs that you can join 24/7, wherever you are. Together with our international team of first-class instructors, we create a complete online cycling experience. The exhilarating beats and fantastic scenic views complete the ultimate experience. CycleMasters is not just us. It's the members too. Together we work on our stamina, lose weight and ensure that we realize a fitter lifestyle. The world is at your feet, every day at every moment. Join The Ride!


Exactly ten years ago, the first Dutch virtual cycling lesson was made. Since then we've grown into the number 1 provider of virtual cycling lessons. First using the name ClubVirtual, we now make challenging cycling content using the CycleMasters name. We provide more than 1600 fitness clubs worldwide. Among others to Basic-Fit, Fit for Free and Anytime Fitness, but also to you at home.

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