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Get in shape at home

There’s no better feeling than being at the top of your fitness game (and without having to leave the house!) Stream Live & On-Demand spin classes and choose from lessons with varying intensities and durations.

Build up your fitness and strength with our motivational energetic and expert instructors!

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Choose your Ride

Get lost in music and work to the rhythm during one of our Beat Rides, expect the unexpected in one of our signature rides with a different vibe every time from your favourite instructor or give yourself the cycling holiday you’ve always wanted and travel the world from your front room with one of our famous Scenic Rides.

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At CycleMasters you can find a complete collection of spinning workouts. The lessons are divided into different categories. At this moment you can find Scenic Ride, Beat Ride, and Signature Rides online.

Cycling instructor Melissa Power
Beat Ride
Beat Ride

Beat riding is the ultimate feel-good cycling experience. From London to NY to LA, this style of riding is taking the cycling world by storm. Put simply, you ride to the rhythm of different beats working everything from head to toe.

Cycling instructor Evert van der Zee
Signature Ride
Signature Ride

With the Signature Ride – it’s over to you. You get to choose not only the duration and intensity of the lesson but you can also select your favorite instructor. These classes are recorded in our own studio, and you can follow them both live and on-demand!

Example cycling Scenic workout
Scenic Ride
Scenic Ride

Our Scenic Rides are surprise surprise….all about the scenery. But not just any scenery. Our team have travelled to some of the most beautiful and dramatic cycling routes across the globe to bring you the most magnificent vistas. 

Core Workout example
Later 2020
Core Workout
Core Workout

Coming soon! A stronger core makes you a stronger cyclist, it reduces lower back pain on and off the bike and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a six pack?

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Get in Shape

Get fitter, lose weight, improve performance; go for your goal! Our renowned instructors will help you achieve that goal, both physically and mentally.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

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Training schedules cycling app

Choose a training schedule

Are you just starting spinning or do you have a specific goal? Follow one of our training schedules to build up your training in a responsible way.

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Multiple profiles

Exercise with the whole family on one account. Do you want to work out together, but keep your own progress? Then create an extra profile on your account. The range of lessons is constantly being expanded.

Try one of our live lessons!

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Beat Ride, a full-body spinning workout

You swing to the beat of the music, you move in and out of the seat and do other exercises as well. For example, press-ups, push-backs, shoulder taps, and jumps. So it’s a full-body workout!


Works on every Spin bike

No commitments. Can be canceled monthly

Unlimited streaming workouts

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